[Koha] Koha integration with other systems

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Wed Nov 29 10:01:13 NZDT 2023

Hi Joel,

you can add additional match points for patron import by configuring
patron attributes marked as unique. As soon as it's configued it will
show up in the pull down on the patron import tool. It works quite well,
but you might need to adjust your CSV file a bit for the special syntax
required to import patron attributes.

Hope this helps,


On 28.11.23 21:29, Coehoorn, Joel wrote:
> We configured our Koha installation to use our university AD FS
> (SAML-based) SSO service. Note I've setup over a dozen different apps
> for this service, and Koha was definitely the most difficult to get
> working... but it DOES work.
> We also have a "manual integration" to populate users in Koha based on
> our Jenzabar J1 SIS, which amounts to a report our librarians can run
> on demand and then manually import the generated CSV file via Koha's
> Patron Import tool. When done right this is idempotent, which is a
> fancy way of saying the librarians can run it as often as they want
> without duplicating users. However, we built and configured things so
> Koha student accounts expire at the end of each term, meaning someone
> MUST run it each term to reactivate our students. This process has
> been in place since long before Koha had its own API, so I'm hoping to
> use that to make this run automatically in the background in the near
> future.
> We do NOT have an integration with our student billing for things like
> late fees or lost item charges. Those are still handled completely by
> hand.
> One feature I would like to see Koha add is the ability to match new
> users based on an external immutable ID. The existing patron import
> tool allows us to match existing patrons based on card number or
> username (email). However, BOTH of those might need to change. We
> don't want to leave an old card active if it's lost or stolen and we
> need to replace it. A random person shouldn't be able to pick it up
> and use the old card, and so the new card will have a newly-generated
> barcode number. Our student emails/usernames track with their real
> names, and these do also change on occasion (most common reasons are a
> parent divorce or student marriage). But we have an immutable student
> ID for each person, and it would be really nice for Koha to have a way
> to ingest that and use it for patron updates, because we know for
> certain it really won't change. There may also be some support around
> borrowernumber, but our SIS has no knowledge of the borrowernumber
> when creating the student exports.
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> On Mon, Nov 27, 2023 at 12:47 PM Katrin Fischer
> <katrin.fischer.83 at web.de> wrote:
>     Hi Russel,
>     Koha provides a lot of different APIs and protocols for
>     integrating with
>     other systems. This might be a starting point:
>     https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/APIs_and_protocols_supported_by_Koha
>     Hope this helps,
>     Katrin
>     On 27.11.23 16:05, Russel G. P. Shihepo wrote:
>     > Dear Community
>     >
>     > Does Koha support integrations such as:
>     >
>     > - Centralized Single-Sign-On Integration.
>     > - ERP Integration (Student and HRMs).
>     > - Payment gateway integration.
>     >
>     > I have been tasked by our school to make an attempt to integrate
>     Koha with
>     > other systems at the institution. Thank you in advance.
>     >
>     >
>     > Regards,
>     > Russel
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