[Koha] Deleting biblios and items

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Hi Aida,


good to know that it worked well. As to the autorities, if you also truncated the auth_header table they should be gone. What you see might be the Zebra index entries – did you rebuild the Zebra index (or if you use ElasticSearch, I suppose the index has to be rebuilt as well after deleting the records).


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Hello Anke, 


thank you for the directions; I have followed them and have managed to remove all records. When I run an authority search, I get a list of all of them, though they are now lacking a heading type (it is now marked as "Default"). Is it possible to bulk remove all of them from search results as well or will I need to delete them one by one? 


The ones that were not attached to records have a Delete option, but the few that were have only an Edit option which leads to a "The authority record you requested does not exist" note. 


(Must also remember to uncheck AutoCreateAuthorities as that caused me to have multiple copies of authorities (e.g. thesis advisors, as well as subjects and index terms). Lesson learned the hard way!)


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your_koha_library in this case means the database name. This is typically "koha_<instancename>". If you open MySQL (before the "use" step), you can list your database(s) with "show databases;" to see the exact name.

When everything is done, don't forget to set the Foreign Key check back to 1.
You can leave MySQL by entering "quit", then the prompt will change back to the one you see when logged in as the linux root user.

I recommend also to create a database dump as a backup before these activities in case anything goes wrong and you want to restore the database.

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> Betreff: [Koha] Deleting biblios and items
> Hello all,
> I've been looking up how to delete all biblios and items since I made some
> errors and would like to restart with a clean slate without losing my
> settings and customizations.
> I want to check whether the commands listed on
> https://wiki.koha-
> community.org/wiki/How_to_delete_all_records_and_keep_settings <http://community.org/wiki/How_to_delete_all_records_and_keep_settings> 
> are to be entered exactly as written, or if there's anything that's assumed
> to be understood by more experienced users. I am really struggling whenever
> I have to use terminal commands.
> E.g. where it says
> Login to database
>   sudo su
>   mysql -u root
>   use your_koha_library;
> Can I assume your_koha_library is where the instance name goes or is this
> literally what should be entered into the terminal? If not the instance
> name, what should be entered?
> How does one log in to mysql and then move back to root once done with
> these changes?
> When only deleting biblios and items, does Zebra index need to be reset for
> both biblios and authorities, or just the biblios?
> Thank you in advance!
> --
> Regards,
> Aida
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