[Koha] support newer Linux version

ReindeR Rustema subscriptions.reinder at rustema.nl
Fri Nov 3 23:50:31 NZDT 2023


New to the list and not yet a user of Koha. The IT-person who will install it says that it runs on old Linux-versions he does not have anymore. 

Indeed, when I check the specs and compare that with Wikipedia I see that both the mentioned Debian and Ubuntu-versions are not new. 

It is an implicit compliment to the stability of those and I can understand that you don't want to force an OS upgrade to the current user base.

But for new users it is an extra hurdle.

Can I expect to see this hurdle disappear soon or should I look for alternatives for Koha?


met vriendelijke groet, 

ReindeR Rustema 

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