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Coehoorn, Joel jcoehoorn at york.edu
Thu Jul 6 01:50:58 NZST 2023

Koha does have a robust purchasing module, but honestly I wouldn't use it
for this. The purpose of purchasing out of Koha is getting the cataloguing
and library inventory right, and these books do not really need to be
cataloged (or circulated) at all. You'll probably do better with a Point of
Sale/Retail solution.

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> Hello acquisitions folks,
> I have some questions for you. I'm a solo librarian here, so I wear lots
> of different hats. One of them is acquisitions of textbooks for the student
> bookstore. The price of the textbooks is included in the price of the
> student fees so they don't need to buy them themselves either by ordering
> online or buying from the bookstore; the bookstore gets the list of courses
> and textbooks per department, a list of students, and prepares a package
> for each student, who can pick up the books once the finance department
> confirms that they have taken care of their financial obligations.
> Most of these books will not go to the library. Some might eventually,
> e.g., if a student drops out or graduates and donates their books to us, or
> if an extra copy or two was ordered for the specific purpose of being
> available in the library, or if an instructor donates their older edition
> because they received a new gratis one from the publisher.
> I have been handling these orders in Excel, but as the university grows,
> it has become increasingly complicated to manage all the packages,
> especially since minor courses can be attended by students from other
> departments (e.g., a CS or PSIR student can take a management or business
> minor or minors from their own departments). Is there a way for me to
> handle these orders in a more simplified way in Koha, perhaps in
> combination with course reserves where I could keep a permanent list of
> courses in an academic year (fall and spring semesters)? I'm still going
> through the manual and checking demos in order to understand how best to
> set up my budget and funds, but I thought I'd throw this question out there
> and see if anyone might have a workable idea. Thank you in advance!
> Best regards
> Aida Đikić
> Librarian
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