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Raymund Delahunty r.delahunty at arts.ac.uk
Mon Feb 6 22:05:29 NZDT 2023

We recently had problems with what looked like apostrophes in reading lists published in our various course handbooks. Students were cutting and pasting from the reading list into our OPAC but the titles were not being found when we knew we held the titles. We found the problem was down to some of the apostrophes being the right single quotation mark (U+2019 in unicode) instead of the apostrophe (U+0027). In effect what was being handed to our OPAC contained a 'spelling mistake'.

I asked our support company: “What do you recommend here? Is there a way of telling Koha to see the right single quotation mark (U+2019) as being the same as the apostrophe (U+0027)? Indeed if there is, would such an action even be sensible?”

They responded: “In theory, it would be possible to map the right single quotation mark to apostrophe in the Zebra config files. However, I would be reluctant to go down that route, the apostrophe character already causes enough pain! […]’

I have no idea how the right single quotation mark is being inserted as the various keyboards in our office for use with PCs don’t appear to have key offering this character. The character could be input via the Alt-0146 combination, but I doubt that this method was used by the handbook authors.

Maybe your problem is like ours- that the apostrophes are not all apostrophes. Which reminds me… I have to contact our course handbook authors to discuss this. I somehow have to explain this and ask them not to use the wrong character going forward.

Ray Delahunty
University of the Arts London

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When we search "Bursa'nın" in Koha, 16817 results come up, but when we remove the apostrophe and search as "Bursanın" 19909 results come up.
Why does the apostrophe cause searching anomalies like this in Koha?
There are bugs about the issue which are non-finalised. What should be done for the apostrophe does not cause problems in searches?

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