[Koha] faceting by date [collection faceting]

Eric Lease Morgan emorgan at nd.edu
Sat Aug 5 06:04:00 NZST 2023

> How can I can get faceting by date to work; in what MARC field must I insert a year value in order to facet by year? --Eric Morgan, University of Notre Dame

[Okay. I have not seen any examples on the Web of date faceting, thus, I will assume date faceting is not necessarily a choice, and I'll ask a similar question about collection faceting instead.]

How do I implement collection faceting? Suppose I have two collections: 1 Collection Orange, and 2) Collection Red. How do I configure Koha, and what sorts of values go into what MARC fields so I can limit my searches to either Collection? I have done such a thing with types, but right now I only have a single type.

Eric Morgan

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