[Koha] touch_all_biblios.pl oAuth Failure

Fairlamb, Christina cjf at wmu.se
Wed Nov 30 02:22:17 NZDT 2022

Hello all,

Koha 22.11

Having an odd error with both touch_allbiblios.pl and touch_all_items.pl
getting these messages for both:

Failed to load Koha::Plugin::Com::ByWaterSolutions::LabelMaker: Could not
find or check module 'Koha::Plugin::Com::ByWaterSolutions::LabelMaker' at
/usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Plugins.pm line 124.

Failed to load Koha::Plugin::RuleHardDueDate: Could not find or check
module 'Koha::Plugin::RuleHardDueDate' at
/usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Plugins.pm line 124.

as well as this error in biblios repeating endlessly:

oAuth error: Unsupported Use attribute (114) thesaurus-conventions Bib-1

Not sure what is happening but I haven't had those plugins for a long time.
Turning off plugins in the koha-conf file removes those two errors but
oAuth error still an issue.

Kind Regards

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