[Koha] Ideas wanted for cataloging QA utilities

Alvaro Cornejo cornejo.alvaro at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 03:44:37 NZDT 2022

Hi Tasha

If you need to do "real time" checking/validation , you need to use
JQuery/Javascript to insert code at the data input capture field, similar
as when you enable fields prefill. You will need to add specific code for
each field you want to validate.

An option would be to have a cron that runs a field validator script that
issues an error/issues report on a periodic basis. I guess this will be
easier to maintain/update but will need to have someone correct/edit issues

Not sure it would be possible to combine those options in a way that the
JQuery could run the validation script during field input.



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Le mer. 2 nov. 2022 à 19:12, Carlos Lopez <clopez at dml.vic.edu.au> a écrit :

> Hi Tasha
> Bite your tongue! Fixing errors in old records kept me busy during the
> 2020 lockdowns!
> Honestly I think this would be a good idea, even if the interface only
> showed some kind of alert according to a (predefined) set of rules. The
> MARCEdit MARCValidator is a good example (it even reports on invalid tag
> indicators). As you say, we can always write SQL reports to pull individual
> (repeated) errors, but it would be nice to spot these 'live' too.
> With kind regards from the Dalton McCaughey Library Team
> Carlos Lopez
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> Good morning,
> I'm interested to know if anyone has developed tools to help copy
> catalogers quality check their work in real time.
> For example, at a long-ago conference, I saw a librarian present Windows
> batch scripts they'd created to check cataloging in Millennium.  I don't
> recall the specifics, but for my purposes, I'd be interested in doing
> checks such as the following:
>   *   Compare 260 to 008
>   *   Check for the presence or absence of important fields in both bib
> and item record
>   *   Check for agreement between item type and notforloan value
> I could do the above with SQL, but I'm trying to get closer to first-time
> quality by catching the errors as they occur (maybe I could use jQuery to
> link a prebuilt report that would check the bib I'm currently viewing?).
> Options might be Jupyter notebooks, or jQuery.  This is my first time
> working with a staff client that is a web application, so I'm not sure what
> is realistically possible or what anyone has already come up with (Google
> is not helping).
> Any food for thought is welcome.  Even if I only "caught" errors such as
> impossible publication dates (e.g., 2039, 202, etc.), that would be a help.
> Thanks for your time and consideration,
> Tasha Bales
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