[Koha] Question / UX defect

C.S. Hayward c.s.hayward at protonmail.com
Fri May 20 08:02:05 NZST 2022

Question: is there ever added value in including hyphens in an ISBN that would be lost if hyphens were stripped before lookup?

I included hyphens when reporting bibliographic information, including the ISBNs of the two obscure titles I had failed to find, and was advised not to use hyphens when searching by ISBN. But I had already stripped the hyphens when searching: I included them for completeness when posting bibliographic information for the unfindable titles.

If there is never benefit from retaining hyphens from a submitted ISBN, then I would suggest a UX enhancement of ignoring hyphens when doing lookups.

I don’t see added value for having searches fail if the ISBN includes hyphens as given.

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