[Koha] Cataloging question - Electronic resource with no link (MARC21)

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Thu May 19 09:26:54 NZST 2022

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your input! You're right that it's closer to a CDROM, since 
it's available on site rather than online.

The record itself is for a paper periodical (genealogy bulletin to be 
precise, the library is a genealogy society run by volunteers), but one 
library/branch has a scanned version on a computer. They wanted to be 
able to indicate that only that 'branch' has those scans, in a way that 
would be visible and easily understandable by their users.

856 seemed the obvious choice, but the whole thing with it appearing as 
a link turned us off.

Next choice was a 5XX note, but those are hidden in a tab. Not a lot of 
users would think to click on the Notes/Descriptions tab to see more.

After discussing it with the client, we decided (or he decided, at my 
suggestion) to do exactly what you said, that is to use field 952$z of 
that library's item to indicate that a scanned copy is available at that 
library only. That field is very visible and it indicates clearly that 
the scanned version is at that library only.

I hadn't thought of making a entire new record for the scanned version 
and linking the records through 776. It may have been a way to do it...

Thanks again!


On 2022-05-18 16:35, Jane Cothron wrote:
> It sounds as though you are describing a database on a computer drive 
> that is not actually available or connected through the internet. That 
> means that it will not have a URL, so I would not use an 856 field in 
> the MARC record.  It is an electronic resource and the fixed field 
> information should reflect that.  I would include a note indicating 
> the extent of the resource and the fact that it is only for use in 
> that specific library.  I think this is closer to cataloging a CDROM 
> than a website or remotely available database.  I would include a 
> public note in the item record specifying that the resource is only 
> available for in-library use at the owning library.
> Does this sound reasonable to you?
> Best--
> Jane Cothron
> On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 1:55 PM Caroline Cyr La Rose 
> <caroline.cyr-la-rose at inlibro.com> wrote:
>     Hello everyone!
>     I wanted the community's opinion on this. I have a client who has
>     electronic versions of periodicals, but they are not accessible
>     online.
>     (I'm not sure how it works to get them, but I'm told the files are
>     on a
>     computer at one of the libraries... anyway.)
>     I figured we could use 856$3 and/or 856$z to signify that users
>     can see
>     copies if they go to XYZ library. But as soon as we put something in
>     either $3 or $z, both the staff interface and the OPAC show links
>     (either the text is blue or it shows 'Click here to access...',
>     even if
>     there is nothing in 856$u or $a/$d/$f. The links don't do anything if
>     you click on them.
>     Does that seem like a bug or it's how MARC is supposed to work? Is
>     it ok
>     to use 856 to indicate that there is an electronic copy of the
>     resource
>     somewhere even if that copy is not on the Web? I think so, but I
>     may be
>     wrong.
>     We thought about putting that info in a 5XX somewhere, but those are
>     hidden in the Descriptions/Notes tabs and users might not see the
>     info.
>     Thanks for your help!
>     Caroline
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