[Koha] How to measure and improve Koha performance for our instance?

Alvaro Cornejo cornejo.alvaro at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 13:50:49 NZDT 2022

Hi Mike,

As plack is enabled as an "add.on" to apache, you need to restart apache
also after enabling/disabling  plack.

Also, it is a good idea to restart memcached if you already enabled it.


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Le jeu. 20 janv. 2022 à 08:23, Mike Lake <mikel at speleonics.com.au> a écrit :

> Hi all
> On 2022-01-17 5:16 pm, dcook at prosentient.com.au wrote:
> > If you enable Plack/Starman, page loads and search times will be
> > faster, because ........
> So I decided to try out Plack as in my first reply:
> > First step tonight will be to read up on configuring and turning on
> > plack for the test instance. Then I'll toss up doubling cpu/ram
> > before further tests.
> That's where I started to get confused with the documentation on turning
> on plack. I started looking at the Wiki and found this:
> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Plack
> Is that up-to-date? It's quite detailed.
> I noticed there was a /usr/sbin/koha-plack command. A bit of
> experimenting showed that running this:
>      # koha-plack --enable libtest2
> will uncomment the line "Include
> /etc/koha/apache-shared-opac-plack.conf"  in the Apache site
> libtest2.conf and then running this:
>      # koha-enable libtest2
>      # koha-plack --start libtest2
>      # koha-zebra --start libtest2
>      # koha-indexer --start libtest2
> starts the test instance libtest2 and I have the OPAC and Intranet up
> with a number of starman and plack processes running.
> I did some basic manual timing tests on how long it took to load a page,
> do a search for a book etc and it does not seem noticeably faster than
> the production system running on the same server.
> Is the sequence below the right one for shutting down this test
> instance?
>      # koha-indexer --stop libtest2
>      # koha-zebra --stop libtest2
>      # koha-plack --stop libtest2
>      # koha-disable libtest2
> Reading /etc/init.d/koha-common it looks like koha-common does all these
> things in the right order and I presume "systemctl restart
> koha-common.service" does this too. But I have not yet figured out how
> to stop or start instance "libtest2" without it affecting the production
> system (instance "opac") at the same time.
> Then I'll get around to looking at optimal number of memcached, plack
> and rabbitmq daemons I should be running.
> --
> Mike
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