[Koha] Export a selection of latest arrival to html for email newsletter

Tim McMahon tmcmahon at wlpl.org
Fri Jan 7 07:15:20 NZDT 2022

Not completely automatic, but you can export the report and load it into 
a spreadsheet, then export that as HTML.  I'm guessing it could take 
some manual modification to get it to look the way you want.

If you wanted to put the effort into it, you could write a report that 
includes the HTML and even make it link back to the items in your OPAC.

On 1/6/22 5:29 AM, IRAM Library wrote:
> Best wishes for 2022,
> I am looking for a way to generate html email of latest arrivals from 
> Koha.
> We want to send our members a newsletter with the latest arrivals. I 
> am not finding anything about that after doing online search.
> Ideally it would be some dedicated feature, considering html email is 
> usually dumbed down to tables for broad compatibility. Also, being 
> able to get a template and separate steps (select period of time to 
> extract arrivals from, choose between text-only and html+image format, 
> ability to exclude some of the results before generating the 
> email-optimized html code) would be ideal.
> Is it possible, via Koha or an additional plugin?
*Tim McMahon*
West Liberty Public Library

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