[Koha] New Record page is giving a 500 error

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Jan 2 01:20:05 NZDT 2022

Hi Sterling,

I am not sure what is going wrong there, but can you tell us the exact
version you updated to? It will be listed at the top of the About Koha page.


On 22.12.21 00:55, Sterling Jenson wrote:
> Greetings all,
> When I try to add a new record, I get a 500 Server Error when I try to
> catalogue a new title through either "Advance Editor" or "New Record"
> options; however not through "New from Z390.50/SRU."  I was able to use
> these editors before and, so point an update did not go as smoothly as I
> had thought.
> Looking through the logs, I get this error:
> [[cgi:error] [pid 603367] AH01215: {UNKNOWN}: DBI Exception: DBD::mysql::db
> selectall_arrayref failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the
> manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax
> to use near ',servername' at line 3  at
> /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Schema.pm line 1118.:
> /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/cataloguing/editor.pl, referer:
> ~/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/addbooks.pl
> Thoughts on how I might fix problem?
> Best,
> Sterling
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