[Koha] Koha version 21.11.01 error 500 when saving authoratie

Pedro Miguel Nunes Ferreira pedro.m.ferreira at portel.pt
Fri Apr 1 12:31:22 NZDT 2022


When i try to save an authoraty in the menu  

and i make a change in the field 200, when i save i get error 500, but 
it saves the authoraity.

If i change any other field instead of 200 , for example 300,400....and 
so on , it works perfectly

The error i get in  plack-error.log is,

Can't call method "tag" on an undefined value at 
/usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Heading.pm line 69.

What could be the problem.
Thanks for the help


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