[Koha] Fwd: New Koha minor versions released - security fixes included, UPGRADE!

Victor Grousset/tuxayo victor at tuxayo.net
Tue Sep 28 05:13:52 NZDT 2021


On 21-09-27 18:01, Tom Burke wrote:
> Can I seek a bit of reassurance, please? We have a server running several instances which is currently on Obviously we want to upgrade this. We have tried doing a significant upgrade (to 20.11) on a test site, and have run into some issues which we are still investigating. We might therefore decide to meet the present security-driven upgrade requirement by simply going from 19.11.00 to 19.11.22 . Is it safe to assume that there is no schema change in such an upgrade?

There are a few data migrations and schema changes

Which the DB upgrade script handles.


Victor Grousset/tuxayo

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