[Koha] Open Ended Due Dates, Permanent Loans, Etc.

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Hi Charles,

Maybe you could do something like that with automatic renewals?

In circulation rules, you could have a "regular" loan period, but many 
renewals, e.g. 99.

Set up automatic renewals. Koha will renew automatically, as long as the 
item is not on hold, the patron's membership is not expired, etc.


On 2021-09-15 21 h 37, Charles Kelley wrote:
> Hi, all!
>      Is there a way to make an open ended due date? That is, if a person
> checks out a book, Koha does not assign a due date, *per se*, rather it
> merely marks it checked-out. I guess this be might be considered a
> permanent or semi-permanent loan but it would not be a transfer.
>      Mind you, if a patron puts a hold on such a book, the patron who
> checked out the book would have to surrender it. The book would still be
> one of the library's holdings so that the library can avail it to the
> patrons and track it for property management reasons.
>      (The OPAC would list it only *CHECKED OUT* or *BORROWED*.)
>      Mind you, I am trying to avoid a proliferation and plethora of LOCs and
>      I know this is a nightmare and it defeats the purpose of a library of
> shareable works. It would be rarely used, of course, but I can imagine a
> scenario in which it would arise.
>      Many thanks, all!
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