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Visit the link Koha Full tutorial.  basic koha installation and koha
customization etc..

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> This won't tell you everything you need to know, but I did a video that
> takes you from the Ubuntu command line through a complete Koha system,
> ready to go, in half an hour. See https://youtu.be/plzFqqy1iPs. I'm
> working on part 2, where I set up the library, item types, OPAC home page,
> etc., which I hope to have ready in time for the koha-US conference,
> starting on September 21st. Free registration if you attend online! See
> https://koha-us.org/.
> As for koha-sites.conf, I'd recommend setting intraport to 8080 and
> opacport to 80. Then you can get to your staff interface as
> (assuming your IP address is and
> the catalog as You don't need an actual domain name for
> Koha, though it does make things easier.
> NOTE: Some of you might be rather alarmed at my barebones approach to
> setting up Koha. No, my directions don't produce something pretty looking.
> My intended audience is libraries that don't have a lot of money to hire
> someone to design and set up their ILS. You'll end up with something that
> works, but look like something designed in somebody's basement.
> And if you find any errors in my video, please tell me!
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> Hi,
> I'm from Romania, I'm a librarian and I want to install koha on the
> library computer. I tried using the instructions at
> https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_ubuntu_-_packages*Install_Ubuntu__;Iw!!D7IIWT94AA!r8Im6_gLUsp-6SdXI2zDtDwSvLDj2no5iuW9d1zDfvYQB-zL1TCtaBcbg4EROE1Dlw$
> but without success.
>   On the computer i have ubuntu 20.04.3.
> I want to install koha and then get in the system all the books in the
> library and all the students that come to the library. I want to get koha
> up and running individually on this local computer.
> I don't have a system admin at the school.
> The computer is connected to the internet.
> Can somebody explain to me how i configure /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf?
> Also, what is the difference between web install and IP install. What
> would be best form me? I don't know about domain names and INTRAPORT AND
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