[Koha] EAN13-label printout incorrect

kamilla.braun at boenischnet.de kamilla.braun at boenischnet.de
Fri May 28 02:15:26 NZST 2021

Hello Koha-Mailinglist,

related to a rejected bug-report I found out, that the KOHA-printout  
of EAN13-lables may be incorrect.

My professional-grade USB-barcodereader (Manhattan 177665) is  
reproducibly reading only 12 digits instead of 13 digits. On some  
reason the first digit is missing. I've checked it many times also  
with a plain text-document where the numbers are typed in as if they  
are coming from a keyboard.

Standard ISBN-book-labes (EAN13) are read correctly with all 13 digits.

Did anybody came acrosse the same or a similar problem, or is able to  
reproduce it? Please also refer to my KOHA-printout of EAN13-lables in  
the attachment.

Best Regards
Kamilla Braun

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