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Carlos Lopez clopez at dml.vic.edu.au
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Hi Helen - great to see you on the list!

We have a similar problem: 

We have tried cataloguing each bound pamphlet separately and giving them dummy item records (this was first done on Dynix many years ago) but this is confusing for both users and staff. 

We tried providing a single record for the 'volume', adding 7XX headings for each pamphlet bound in the volume, which is not optimal as it ignores that the pamphlets were publishes separately and only bound together after publication (also a record with 20-off 7XX headings an a similar number of subject headings can look quite intimidating)

Once we moved to Koha we tried the Analytic record function but we're not really happy with it (https://library.dmlibrary.org.au/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=Eucharistic+hour+and+meditations+from+St.+Francis+of+Assisi+ is a search for a particular pamphlet title - it brings up the records for both the pamphlet and the 'volume', but we need to provide more information for the user (or it's just going to be confusing again, not helped by hiding contents notes because they don't "look neat")

If you come up with a better solution I'd love to hear about it (I'm looking at a couple of shelves' worth of bound pamphlets that I've been delaying action on)

With kind regards from the Dalton McCaughey Library Team

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I am seeking wisdom from the Koha community on the issue of ‘Bound withs’. I have quite a large number of collections of pamphlets which were bound together as a convenience to form a volume. So each is a discrete bibliographic item as opposed to being part of a larger resource, so each requires a separate bibliographic record, but there is only one item barcode attached to the physical volume. I have had a look at Analytic records which isn’t exactly what I’m after since each pamphlet isn’t a ‘child’, but it may be the closest I can come to a solution. Any thoughts?

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