[Koha] Shibboleth-only authentication

Andy Boze Boze.1 at nd.edu
Wed Mar 31 17:04:43 NZDT 2021

We are testing Koha 20.11.04 and are interested in the new 
Shibboleth-only authentication feature. I have set "staffShibOnly" to 
"Don't allow staff to login by means other than shibboleth."

If I have already logged in to another Shibboleth site, when I visit the 
Koha staff client, I'm automatically logged in without getting a login 
prompt. I suspect that this is the intended behavior, but all of our 
other Shib-enabled campus services have a login link. More problematic 
is the fact that on logging out of the staff client, it simply logs me 
in again.

Does anyone have any experience with this new feature? I'm wondering how 
to avoid automatic login without having to click a login link, and how 
to log out without having it log me in again.

I suppose an alternative would be not to use the "staffShibOnly" setting 
and instead alter the login page template to remove the local login section.

Thanks for any advice.

Andy Boze, Associate Librarian
University of Notre Dame
271H Hesburgh Library
(574) 631-8708

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