[Koha] "Invalid 'to' parameter" when trying to send notices

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Wed Mar 17 09:15:45 NZDT 2021


In our library we have last week updated from Koha 19.11.05 to 20.11.03 
on Debian GNU/Linux 9.

Since then we have two problems:

1. In Koha it is not possible to send the same e-mail to two recipients 
at once - to solve this problem we have regularly updated field 
"message_queue.to_address" of pending messages by SQL to contain two 
addresses instead of one (e. g. "abc at def.com,xyz at def.com") and in Koha 
19.11 script "process_message_queue.pl" sent these notices to both 
addresses without a problem. Since Koha 20.11 the new script 
"process_message_queue.pl" doesn't do this anymore - instead the script 

Invalid 'to' parameter: abc at def.com,xyz at def.comxxx: 11 status returned 
by "/usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/process_message_queue.pl"

If there is only e-mail address present the new script will work as 
expected, though.

2. According to the setting in Koha system preference "NoticeBcc" all 
notices should be sent to a certain e-mail address, but since the update 
none of these e-mails to the BCC-Address were sent. Maybe this is the 
same problem as described in 

Does anyone know the solution for these problems or should I create a 
bug report?

Best wishes: Michael
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