[Koha] Reoccurring DBMS auto increment issue

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Tue Jun 22 07:01:49 NZST 2021


We are working with Debian GNU/Linux 10, MariaDB 10.3.27 and Koha 
20.11.00 (using Shibboleth authentication).

To avoid auto increment issues we have implemented the solution 
described in 
- of course replacing "koha_kohadev" with the name of our own database, 
then restarted MariaDB.

We did this even if the page says only versions prior to MariaDB 10.2.24 
are affected. However, if we implement the fix or not, the following 
problem occurs:

When we manually create a new Koha user (e. g. 84) and then try to 
delete it in the staff client, the message appears "An Error Occurred / 
500 Internal Server Error". In Koha menu "About Koha > System 
information" it says "The following ids exist in both tables borrowers 
and deletedborrowers: 84".

So we delete that number in MariaDB using SQL statement "DELETE FROM 
deletedborrowers where borrowernumber=84;". After that table 
"deletedborrowers" is empty and Koha menu "About Koha > System 
information" says "No warnings.". Again we try to delete the user, the 
internal server error occurs, etc ad infinitum.

Are we doing something wrong?

Best wishes: Michael
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