[Koha] Bar code not reading by scanner

Nalisha Tamang nt at ptsindia.com
Tue Jun 8 18:24:19 NZST 2021

dear all,
please help me to solve the following problem as recently we have changed
our system but our barcode scanner doesn't read the barcode that I print
from my system which is linux based but it does with the windows based.
Moreover , all other numbers come correct except '0' which comes with a dot
in. Following are the examples;
 *08*2ab would look in 082 subfields a and b.)
Examples (for MARC21 records): Dewey: *082*ab or 092ab; LOC: *050ab or
090ab; from
the item record: 852hi*
thank you in advance
Nalisha Tamang Rai

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