[Koha] "Return to the last advanced search" exclude keywords if more than 3

Claes Eriksson claes.eriksson at vti.se
Fri Jun 4 20:48:39 NZST 2021


After performing an advanced search with more than 3 keywords<https://kohaopac.alingsas.se/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&q=frihet&op=or&idx=kw&q=cykel&op=or&idx=kw&q=hemma&op=and&idx=kw&q=sverige&op=and&idx=kw&q=alla&do=Search&sort_by=relevance> I use the option "Return to the last advanced search" on the result page. However, now there are only 3 keywords.
I can perform the search again but then use the browsers "go back one page" and in my example all the 5 keywords are there.
I do not know which version they use.

In our own 20.11 OPAC i repeat the example searching with 4 keywords<https://bibliotek.vti.se/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&q=pavement&op=and&idx=kw&q=test&op=or&idx=kw&q=impact+stud*&op=and&idx=kw&q=laboratory&do=Search&sort_by=pubdate_dsc>.
The option "Return to the last advanced search" gives the same result: only 3 keywords.
However, using the "go back one page" also results in the disappointing only 3 keywords left.

Same result for FF and Chrome (latest versions).

Is this a bug or a feature?

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