[Koha] using koha in school

Thies thies.spam at freenet.de
Thu Jul 29 00:44:25 NZST 2021

Hello everyone!
My name is Thies and I am quite new to koha. We are running Koha in a small school in North Germany.

At the moment I am trying to set up the patreons. I know how to 
sucessfully import a csv list.

But I have some general questions to those I clouldn't find any tutorial 

a) is it possible to generate a list of patreons that are too late 
giving back books?

b) is it even possible to first generate class-lists and than sort 
patreons after class names (like 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b)

The reason is, I would like to be able to hand out a list of 
too-late-pupils at the end of the year to each class-teacher.

I couldn't find any option for this but I could imagine it's maybe 
possible to generate these options somehow.

Thanks a lot for reading!



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