[Koha] API Errors/Plugin Issues

Tomas Cohen Arazi tomascohen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 08:54:27 NZST 2021

What is the OS and install method? It seems to be an issue with the
transfer limits API, that makes the Koha API spec be empty, and thus the
error with the plugin.

Let me know where/you installed so we check and solve it.

El dom., 25 jul. 2021 14:39, Jesse Stallings <jstallings at tsas.org> escribió:

> Running 21.05 (Debian package) and attempting to install the Pay via Paypal
> plugin
> <https://gitlab.com/thekesolutions/plugins/koha-plugin-pay-via-paypal>
> from
> Theke. After uploading .kpz and flushing memcache/restarting Plack, the
> configuration page hangs on loading files
> from /api/v1/contrib/paypal/static/_nuxt/, which does not exist. API error
> log is here <https://pastebin.com/DhJcTPGs>.
> I suspect this is a larger issue with Mojolicious, but don't know enough to
> be sure. As a shot in the dark, here are my current versions of Perl
> modules mentioned in Bug 26893
> <https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=26893>:
> Mojolicious (7.21)
> Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI (1.15)
> JSON::Validator (0.97)
> Thanks for any help you can provide!
> Jesse Stallings
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