[Koha] Encode 'ç' to import authority .marcxml file with authority

Harald Schaefer fechsaer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 03:26:12 NZST 2021


you should use the utf8 encoding, when creating a python file.

The marcxml file should have in the first line encoding='UTF-8'

In python you should use encode('utf8')

Regards, Harald

Am 19.07.21 um 16:10 schrieb Javi Legido:
> Hi there.
> I'm trying to import an authority type 'GEOGR_NAME' with 'ç' in its name
> (field '151 a'):
> França
> So far:
> 1. If I manually add it from GUI (I want to import it from .marcxml file)
> it works typing 'ç' character. If I save the record as MARCXML I get below
> encoding:
>      <subfield code="a">Fran&#xE7;a</subfield>
> 2. If I use python to encode it:
>          return string.strip().encode("ascii",
> "xmlcharrefreplace").decode("ascii")
> The generated MARCXML line looks like:
>      <subfield code="a">França</subfield>
> In the GUI looks like 'Franȧ', and if I save it as MARCXML looks like:
>      <subfield code="a">Fran&#x227;</subfield>
> Worth mentioning that the bibliographic bit referencing this authority
> looks perfect, and it was created exactly the same as for authority, so the
> only problem is with authority.
> Does anybody faced similar problem before? In other words I need to
> generate programatically a MARCXML file to later on import it to koha
> (21.x), and some of the records (authorities) contains 'ç' and are not
> being encoded right.
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