[Koha] Koha common upgrades fails as rabbitmq service is not running

Mason James mtj at kohaaloha.com
Sat Jul 3 19:47:32 NZST 2021

On 3/07/21 12:22 am, Mike Lake wrote:
> Hi all
> Thanks Mason :-) That looks like it has fixed the problem.
> I added the message_broker section then rebooted. Now rabbitmq server is running, the About Koha page/Server and System information tabs show message broker rabitmq is running and no errors.
> The upgrade from Koha 21.05.00-1 to 21.05.01-1 then went fine.
> The username & password is literally "guest" I presume? It all seems to be working.


i think you can change both username and password to your preference

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