[Koha] Setting up a Local Use Only item type

Michael Adamyk madamyk at ckls.org
Fri Jan 8 10:10:55 NZDT 2021

Hi everyone,
I am the manager for a Koha consortium, and I'm trying to figure out the
best way to make an item that is available for checkout only at the local
branch, and nowhere else. (Generally we share items freely between
libraries ("branches").) In this case, though, there shouldn't be any holds
placed on it from anywhere other than the home library. Think a special
collection that is only available to local patrons.

In the past, we've gotten around this two ways:
1. Set up a "Local Availability Only" lost status. This works well, except
that it is temporary and is cleared every time an item is checked in. Not
very good for a long-term solution.
2. Set up our circ rules to prevent holds on specific item types. This
works only as long as other librarians don't decide to override the holds
restrictions. If they do, it doesn't work as planned.

What are your suggestions? Is there a Koha setting for precisely this type
of situation that I am overlooking? Thanks in advance for your help!

*Michael Adamyk*
Technology Manager* | *Central Kansas Library System

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