[Koha] Issue with "Additional contents (HTML customizations)"

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Fri Dec 31 01:25:49 NZDT 2021


We are working on a completely new host with Debian GNU/Linux 11 and 
Koha 21.11.00. I have also tested this on my demo installation with Koha 
21.11.00 - same problem.

We found the following issue with menu "Tools > Additional contents 
(HTML customizations)".

When adding a new entry (e. g. for display location "OpacMainUserBlock") 
we are able to add e. g. text "ABC" and then save. The OPAC will show 
"ABC" as expected". It is also possible to delete this entry in the menu.

But the OPAC will still show the original text "ABC", even after 
emptying the browser cache (Ctrl+F5) or restarting memcached, apache2 
and koha-common.

But even more, if we add another entry e. g. with text "XYZ" the OPAC 
will now show "ABC" and then "XYZ" on another line. After deleting the 
entry in the menu the OPAC will still show both texts, "ABC" and "XYZ".

Can anyone please confirm this issue?

But especially: How can we get rid of the unwanted old texts?

Best wishes: Michael
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