[Koha] search results inconsistent with items.location

Giuseppe Angilella Giuseppe.Angilella at ct.infn.it
Fri Dec 24 19:04:48 NZDT 2021


(using Koha on Ubuntu 18.04)

from the administrator's interface, when a catalogue search yields several 
results, the listed "location" is sometimes not up to date.

Checking a given bibliorecord, I can see that the "location" for the item 
in question is updated. I have to "edit" the item in question, confirm the 
location (which was actually correct), save it again, and then the search 
results gives the correct location for that item.

It seems that "location" (items.location) is saved in some other table 
(other than "items"), which is where the Search looks for. At some point 
of system upgrading, the two tables may have lost synchronization, which 
has to be restored manually for some items.

Which are the two tables I should look at in the database (one is 
"items"), in order to identify any extant inconsistency?

Many thanks!


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