[Koha] OPACXSLDetailsDisplay - No display at all in OPAC

Bibliothèque Lyon bibliotheque.lyon at dominicains.fr
Wed Dec 8 06:32:47 NZDT 2021

Hi everybody,

It's my first message on this list. I hope that I'm using it properly.

Since the upgrade of my installation of Koha to version, I
have the following issue.

If I change the settings of OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay system property to
of OPACXSLTResultsDisplay to
I get an *empty display without any data*, as if Koha ignores completely
the xsl transformation and returns *nothing to display*. Koha ignores
completely the directives in this XSL file.

There is probably something I've completely forgotten.
Any help would be appreciated!


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