[Koha] Automatic setting of branch library on login

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Dec 7 11:21:36 NZDT 2021


I haven't seen this behavior in Koha or a bug reported for it yet.

What is your exact 21.05 version? Are you using Independentbranches?

Could a local customization (like IntranetUserJS) cause the issue?


On 02.12.21 11:40, Admire Mutsikiwa wrote:
>   Good day. We are running Koha  21.05 in a multi-branch setup. I have noted
> that our Koha system is longer setting the correct home branch library a
> staff member belongs to. Instead, staff members have to use the Set Library
> option, which becomes a challenge if you have a low  timeout as staff
> members have to set the Library repeatedly.
> Could there be a System preference I could have set wrongly.
> Kind Regards,

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