[Koha] Keyword search (2)

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Aug 1 22:10:44 NZST 2021

Hi Michael,

I haven't had the time to test this out properly as I hoped for, but
from past experience I believe these preferences could explain the

  * QueryAutoTruncate
  * QueryFuzzy
  * QueryStemming

Are the results still different when you turn all of those off making
the normal search as "exact" as possible? In our test installation
search results match up perfectly as soon as I turn off QueryAutoTruncate.

Hope this helps,


On 29.06.21 21:21, Michael Kuhn wrote:
> Hi
> In our library we are using an unchanged Zebra configuration as coming
> with Koha 20.11.00.
> The keyword search is described in
> https://koha-community.org/manual/20.11/en/html/searching.html#basic-searching
> There it says: "When a single word is entered, a keyword search is
> performed. You can check this out by typing one word into the form and
> note the number of results located. Then, repeat the search with a
> minor change. In front of the search word, type ‘kw=’ followed by the
> same search term. The results will be identical."
> This is NOT TRUE. Instead there is quite a difference.
> Search for: life
> * URL: .../search.pl?q=life
> * 821 results
> Search for: kw=life
> * URL: .../search.pl?q=kw%3Dlife
> * 788 results
> Does anyone know what is going on here?
> Best wishes: Michael

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