[Koha] Serving an Intranet WebPAC from a Website

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Sat Jun 27 02:46:45 NZST 2020

Greetings, Bravismore,

That won’t work — the execution of the scripts is done on the Koha host, and would never work on an IIS host. If they were pure HTML files, yeah, it might work. But the IIS server would see Perl files via a Samba share, not HTML output.

An approach that would work would be to setup a proxy on the IIS host that would reroute requests to and from the Koha server. However, setting up a proxy is fraught with severe security risks. I would strongly discourage that unless you have an IIS expert in house with a lot of proxy experience.

The best solution is to expose the OPAC interface to the Internet, for performance, simplicity, stability, and security reasons — that is why most libraries do that.

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> On Jun 26, 2020, at 08:10, Mumanyi, Bravismore <bmumanyi at unam.na> wrote:
> Dear Koha Community
> I have a Koha site that intends to publish their mature WebPAC to the globe.
> However, they decline to assign a public IP and DN.
> Their preferred route is to serve KOHA pages via their website hosted on Windows/IIS.
> Koha is on Ubuntu/Apache2 webserver.
> I had thought of using samba to share the Koha opac DocumentRoot, then create a virtualhost equivalent on IIS.
> Before I labour on this, any Koha geeks out there who can advise if this will technically work?
> Thank you
> Regards
> /Bravismore
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