[Koha] Editing koha-sites.conf to allow for multiple instances

Quỳnh Vũ Đỗ quynhvd at thanglong.edu.vn
Wed Jun 24 15:54:15 NZST 2020

I think that you should attribute two different ports to your intranet
(Staff login) and your OPAC. Something like:

> INTRAPORT="8000"
> INTRASUFFIX="-admin"
In this situation the port "80" is the default one for the web server
Apache to 'listen" and will display the OPAC interface (if it is public).
To log in the intranet (Staff login) to administer Koha and the library
database, then you would need to add ":8000" to the end of your URL like "

In the case of two Koha instances running on the same server. I think that
you would have a koha-conf.xml for each instance (under
/etc/koha/sites/instance_name/) and you should have, in my opinion, two
different sets of ports like ports 8000 and 8080 for one instance and ports
9000 and 9090 for the second instance. The port numbers I would choose are
such that you can remember which instance you want to access on the server,
and then which one is the OPAC and which one is for staff login.

You would also need to indicate the ports to which the (Apache) web server
should be listening in the file /etc/apache2/ports.conf, which for the
example above would be inserting the following lines in that file:


As I'm not a specialist, especially for running two instances of Koha, I
hope other contributors will correct me if I've been wrong somewhere.
Best regards
M. Vũ Đỗ Quỳnh (Ph.D)
Trường Đại học Thăng Long - Université de Thang Long - Thang Long
University (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Phó Hiệu Trưởng, phụ trách HTQT - Vice-recteur chargé de la coopération
internationale - Vice-Rector in charge of International Cooperation
Web: http://thanglong.edu.vn/

Vào Th 4, 24 thg 6, 2020 vào lúc 03:13 Sterling Jenson <
sterlingjenson at gmail.com> đã viết:

> Greetings all,
> I am experimenting with setting up a second instance of Koha on my server.
> While I have the second one up running, including SSL, I cannot figure out
> how to edit the koha-sites.conf file so that I can access the staff page
> using https://[library1]-admin.[domain].org and
> https://[library2]-admin.[domain].org
> instead of https://www.[domain].org:[portnumber].  I have already tried to
> copy and paste this block:
> DOMAIN="[domain]"
> > INTRAPORT="80"
> > INTRASUFFIX="-admin"
> > OPACPORT="80"
> > OPACPREFIX="opac"
> >
> and change the ports that were used, but, alas, no luck.  Thoughts on what
> step I am missing?  Or did I overlook the information in the Wiki?  Thanks
> in advance.
> Best,
> Sterling
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