[Koha] MARC modification templates question

Carlos Lopez clopez at dml.vic.edu.au
Wed Jun 24 12:20:53 NZST 2020

Hi all

We're about to batch change several thousand records because we're modifying the URL used to access our proxy server. To do this should we do the following?

Add a new MARC modification template
Add a new action to it: Copy and Replace > Every > 856 > u > to field > 856 > u > regex > s/[portion of URL to be changed]/[replacement string for new URL]/g > if > field > 856 > u > matches > m/[portion of URL to be changed]/ >regex

Does that look right?

Also, with escaping the strings to find/replace, would the regex look like this (assuming that we're looking for 'http://proxy.dml.vic.edu.au:2048/' and replacing it with 'https://proxy.dml.vic.edu.au/')?


With kind regards from the Dalton McCaughey Library Team

Carlos Lopez

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