[Koha] Folder Koha :: cgisess_koha_biblio

Magnus Enger magnus at libriotech.no
Wed Jun 17 19:32:21 NZST 2020

Den 17.06.2020 02:32, skrev Jose Ricardo Quaglio:
> Hello everybody,
> Again, the Koha version server crashed.
> When evaluating the system, we found that the  / var / lib / koha / biblio /
> tmp / cgisess_koha_biblio /  folder is overloaded with temporary files.
> Has anyone ever experienced this?
> Do you know how to guide me to solve this problem?

Have you looked at the SessionStorage system preference?

(The description there is actually a bit wrong, you can choose to store 
sessions in files, the database (MySQL/MariaDB) or memcached (if you use 
memcached). The last two options will stop those session files from 
being created.)

Best regards,

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