[Koha] OCLC Z39.50 set up in Koha

Heather Siemon hsiemon at bridgeport.edu
Sat Jun 6 07:12:40 NZST 2020


After yesterday's Koha-US Cataloging SIG meeting where Z39.50 importing was discussed, including both the IRSpy site and how OCLC default encoding is MARC-8, not utf8, I decided to add some servers in Koha, including OCLC.

I did watch this free ByWater video on Koha's Z39.50 settings & use (10:31 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxZHekLGWxA (thank you for providing this!)

It took just a little time to find the correct server info for OCLC for this purpose..but in that process I had found an old post (2011) to the list which provided a link that is no longer valid (if there is a newer post I did not find it); so I want to provide the current link and info to the list for anyone else who may want to try this :

Configuration: https://help.oclc.org/Metadata_Services/Z3950_Cataloging/Get_started/Configuration_guide_for_OCLC_Z39.50_Cataloging

Domain name (hostname): zcat.oclc.org
Port: 210

Database names depending on what you are searching :
CAOONL (Canadiana)

And of course we use our OCLC cataloging username and pw.

This is documentation on using the connection: https://help.oclc.org/Metadata_Services/Z3950_Cataloging/Get_started/About_Z39.50_Cataloging

Thank you SIG meeting participants for inadvertently prompting me to set this up in my Koha.


Heather Siemon
Wahlstrom Library
University of Bridgeport
hsiemon at bridgeport.edu<mailto:hsiemon at bridgeport.edu>

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