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Lari Taskula lari.taskula at hypernova.fi
Wed Jun 3 11:33:03 NZST 2020

Hello Lisa,

There are two free and open source software and hardware devices
designed to support self-service functionality especially in Koha
libraries. They are licensed with GPLv3 and CERN OHL so there are
basically two ways to get them - 1. you could assemble these devices
yourself, or 2. you could use a support company to help you out.

Since I believe this mailing list is not a platform for private
companies to advertise their services, I'll try to provide as generic
description of these devices as possible and share some of our knowledge
as the author and the developer.

The self-service checkout device "Lainuri" is targeted to Koha
libraries. It has a simple "plug & play" type of installation and
integration to Koha. It currently works by screen scraping the staff
client, but it is being upgraded to use Koha's REST API. SIP2 can also
be supported. "Lainuri" is Finnish and directly translates to
"Checkouter". [1] The author company Hypernova has a short YouTube
presentation of Lainuri prototype, see
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2TXL8H4BrA (with English subtitles)
[3]. Please note that this is not yet a production unit and the GUI is
constantly going through upgrades as we speak.

Then there is the access control device "Toveri". It can be integrated
with Koha to further extend self-service hours. It reads patron's
library card and requests Koha to grant door access. It supports opening
hours directly defined in Koha and can restrict access by various Koha
patron statuses. The product name "Toveri" translates to "Companion" or
"Buddy". It is already being used in production by many Koha libraries
in Finland and has proven to withstand extreme weathers. [2]

Lainuri and Toveri can be assembled from a large selection of casing
materials. Also, laser engravings give these devices a fresh look of
your choice.

Excuse us for the lack of more international demo content as we have so
far been mainly targeting Finnish Koha libraries. But both devices
support localization and are designed to work where-ever Koha works too.

I'll be happy to let you know more about these devices and perhaps
arrange a demo unit to your library.

Sources and links

[1] https://www.hypernova.fi/lainuri-self-checkout-machine/

[2] https://www.hypernova.fi/toveri-access-control-device/

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2TXL8H4BrA

Lari Taskula
CEO, Hypernova Oy
Kauppakatu 25 C 409
80100 Joensuu, Finland

On 11.5.2020 21.09, Lisa Peel wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I am hoping those of you with experience of implementing self-service with Koha would be able to give me some assistance.
> We are looking at implementing self-service in order to extend our service hours – however I have little experience of this, especially what hardware would be needed.
> Am I right in thinking that it is not actually necessary to buy one of the very fancy free standing units I have seen in many supplier catalogues? We have no alarm system in any of our libraries (there are six of them, most of them relatively small with less than 3000 items each, no RFID). Ideally I need to find a cost effective solution, ideally something which would also incorporate generating a receipt (so students have proof of check in).
> Could anyone advise me of what we would need and possible price?
> Regards
> Lisa
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