[Koha] Russian Language characters in public catalog

Eric Phetteplace ephetteplace at cca.edu
Mon Jan 27 07:04:11 NZDT 2020

Ineed after asking on Twitter, I discovered the arch is not an accent, but
a ligature meant to indicate that two latinate characters are representing
one Cyrllic one. It's apparently an idiosyncrasy of library cataloging:

"Yup, left ligature and right ligature. It's because library
transliteration values absolute precision over readability. Just writing ia
could be, in theory, either иа or я, so the ligatures signify that it's all
one letter under there."

Honestly though, it doesn't matter what language or meaning the symbol has,
it doesn't render correctly in our catalog so I'm still stuck. I wonder if
anyone else has a solution that doesn't involve simply using Arial. I see a
lot of catalog records with this ligature and yet not every catalog is
forced to use one of the small selection of fonts that support it, I hope.


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On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 4:15 AM le-grex <post at grex.is-lost.org> wrote:

> Am 26.01.20 um 12:54 schrieb le-grex:
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> >
> > So his latin Name is M. Saryan. Or in russian, М. Сарьян. I would not
> > expect to see this pronounciation signs in a book search, since they are
> > not part of his name. But i'm not a Librarian in the way that i know
> > what the demands of these things are.
> Excuse me, i meant "М. Сарьян" without the pronounciation sign ;)
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