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Fri Jan 17 04:39:19 NZDT 2020

	The best free kiosk software I have found is OpenKiosk.  It is built off FireFox.  I don't know that you will be able to do what you want with removing logins, holds and carts without some smart jQuery based on IP addresses.  However, I can tell you, we use this in our library for all our catalogs and self checks, and it works great.  It will reset the session, removing history, and any logins.  You can set how long it sits idle before resetting, and it will warn the user in case they are still there.  You can remove navigation, so it only depends on where the site you point to takes them.  But if you want to make the links in the 856u field, I would suggest jQuery to make them inert, again, based on IP.  You could whitelist the catalog in the OpenKiosk settings, but you would also have to whitelist all the resources it relies on.  So, it would take some work, however you approach it.   Otherwise, you would probably be better off setting up a second catalog address that you could customize for this purpose.

I hope this helps.

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I'm investigating adding a kiosk to our library. I can handle getting a
generic workstation to load the web site I ask for in full-screen/kiosk
mode on my own, but I'm having a hard time finding how to get Koha to show
a view that won't allow breaking out of the kiosk.

I want the following features:

   1. Disable external links, especially anything in an 856u field.
   2. Disable logging in. We don't want someone walking away and leaving
   their account active for someone else to use.
   3. Since you can't log in, there's no need to show things like "Place a
   hold" or "Add to cart"
   4. This needs to happen ONLY in the kiosk view. That is, we also want
   the OPAC to work normally when accessed from other places.

This will not be used for self-checkout, at least at this time. We're
talking about using this instead of the old-school card catalog for someone
who can't browse via a phone or other device.

The idea is this is a walk-up machine in the library, and rather than using
a feature like Lists the patron will write the call number on scratch paper
provided right there and immediately go pull the book, which is likely to
be located within 15 yards of the kiosk. But patrons should still also be
able to do all those other things when viewing the kiosk from home or other

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