[Koha] Printing overdue letters

SATISH lis4satish at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 01:04:26 NZDT 2020

Hi Mark Alexander,

I am not sure of using Koha for generating printed letters, but we
developed our own method  for handling overdue issues.

In our college environment, even though emails are sent as a part of
overdue notifications, only few students will have the habit of checking
emails and respond accordingly.
But some portion of students won't check their emails or submit non-working
email ids, and will not respond to the library.

To overcome this problem, I have complied separate Library Dues Management
System using PHP and MySQL.
This system can be accessed within the campus by all the other departments,
Library, Respective Departments, Admission Section, Head of the
Institution, Head of the Department, with only VIEW Options (No data can be
and can be accessed via Login and Password. This helps respective
departments to follow up with  over due issue at their convenience.

Overdue list is prepared at the end of each semester with Koha Reporting ,
and same data is fed into this Library Dues Management System.
(Because, administration department keeps asking details frequently, and
koha library system access can not be shared, to balance this, I set up
separate application)
This system has printing letter option, which uses a pre-filled template
(body of the letter), and inserts respective barcode, title, issue data,
due date, etc.
Once the letter is generated with auto -filling, it will be printed and
only signature is collected by the Librarian and transferred to the postal
dispatch section of the College.
Two copies will be printed each time, one copy is kept as proof  in the


(the content marked in red color is auto filled data from php script)

This idea may help you in developing your own system to get this work done.

*Satish MV*
Librarian - Govt. Engineering College
Opp. Dairy Circle, B.M.Road, Hassan 573 201
Karnataka, INDIA

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