[Koha] Help with shelf browser and classification source

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Wed Dec 30 12:42:41 NZDT 2020

Hi Ines,

I think once your search is fixed, the shelf browser might be working
again. You can also check the various shelf browser prefs to make sure
that your new locations are taken into account.

For the classification source: The DefaultClassificationSource
preference will change the default on your item framework. It will not
change your existing items. I'd set it now to make sure new items get
catalogued with UDC right from the start.

The classification source used for an item determines how the cn_sort
feld (sorting form of the callnumber) is generated and stored in the
database. So once you have bulk edited all your items to the right code,
you will probably also want to run misc
to regenerate the sorting form.

Hope this helps,


On 28.12.20 17:06, Inês M. Ferreira wrote:
> Good morning,
> (I tried to send this email before, but I think something went wrong. If it did send, apologies for the duplicate.)
> I am responsible for a small private library and we have recently installed Koha (, using UNIMARC and UDC). I am having some issues with the shelf browser and the classification source.
> The shelf browser does not appear. When clicking on the link, only a link to "close the shelf browser" does.
> I have just finished assigning shelving locations (995$e) to all items (due to previously having periodicals show alongside books), and for this purpose I have created 3 locations: geral (general), referência (reference), periódicos (periodicals). Before assigning the locations, the shelf browser would sometimes appear; now it never does (only the link to close it, as mentioned above). What could be the problem?
> I’m not sure if this is relevant and could be impacting the shelf browser, but our search doesn’t work -- it always shows no results (our IT team is working on it).
> A second issue (that might be related) is that although I am trying to work with UDC, I think Koha is still defaulting to Dewey. I have only found out about the setting DefaultClassificationSource a few days ago, and it is set as Dewey (I didn’t change it because I would rather change everything, including all 1000+ items, at once). On the administration menu > classification sources, I only have UDC as ‘in use’. What do I need to do to make sure all of Koha is using UDC?
> I am very new to Koha, so any help is appreciated! Thank you.
> Kindest regards,
> Inês F.
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