[Koha] Intranet pending notification

Alvaro Cornejo cornejo.alvaro at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 10:10:11 NZST 2020


Is there a way to move/duplicate the pending notification area to, for
example the intranet breadcrumbs areas? or have a pop-up notification?

Librarians can´t see it if they are anywhere away from the main intranet or
they do not refresh it. Also in some low resolution screens, Librarian need
to scroll down the main screen to check if there is something pending.

Checking the code I saw that is it defined like:

    <div id="area-pending">
        <div class="pending-info" id="article_requests_pending">
             <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/circ/article-requests.pl">Article
             <span class="pending-number-link">1</span>

Might it be possible using js? Any clue?



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