[Koha] Circulation bug which affects CART functionality

Stephen Graham s.graham4 at herts.ac.uk
Wed Aug 12 03:47:55 NZST 2020

Hi All - like a lot of libraries we've been testing the Cart functionality to place returned items into quarantine for X hours. We are running 19.11.04.

We have the "UpdateItemLocationOnCheckin" syspref set to:


When we return items they do go into the Cart, but the location isn't stored in the "permanent_location" field. This means that when the item comes out of the Cart, the location field is set to null because the previous location wasn't stored.

I know the Uni of Arts London (18.11) are experiencing this issue. Are others?

Looking at the code that deals with this in the Circulation.pm module I cannot see the permanent_location being set, but it's the first time I have looked at this so I may be overlooking something.

I have done some quick testing and if I changed this:

if ( $item->location ne $update_loc_rules->{_ALL_}) {
                $messages->{'ItemLocationUpdated'} = { from => $item->location, to => $update_loc_rules->{_ALL_} };
                ModItem( { location => $update_loc_rules->{_ALL_}}, undef, $itemnumber );


if ( $item->location ne $update_loc_rules->{_ALL_}) {
                $messages->{'ItemLocationUpdated'} = { from => $item->location, to => $update_loc_rules->{_ALL_} };
              ModItem( { location => $update_loc_rules->{_ALL_}, permanent_location => $item->location }, undef, $itemnumber );

, then it appears to solve it, but would need proper testing!!!

Cheers, Stephen

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