[Koha] Orphaned Authority Records: Finding Them and Deleting Them

Charles Kelley cmkelleymls at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 21:02:10 NZST 2020

Hello, all!

    I have been trying to detect, isolate, and delete orphaned authority
headings, i.e., authority records to which no record is attached. I tried
adapting the duplicate authority record report from the SQL Reports
Library. I thought changing this one line would do the trick, but alas, it
did not.

HAVING count(authid) > 1

    I changed it to

HAVING count(authid) < 1
> HAVING count(authid) = 1
> HAVING authid IS NULL OR authid = ''

    Alas, an empty report. Is there something I can do to find and then
delete the orphaned authority records? Many of these orphaned authority
records are duplicates that I am painstakingly merging two at a time. If I
could get some help in speeding up the merge and deletion because going
through the records two at a time is terribly inefficient.

    Many thanks for your help.


    気を付けて。 /ki wo tukete/ = Take care.

    -- Charles.

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