[Koha] Query on Tracking in-house use

Patricia Dowling Patricia.Dowling at oireachtas.ie
Sat Aug 1 03:19:55 NZST 2020

This is my first post to the community and I want to thank you all for this fantastic resource. I have learned so much over the past few months since we went live with Koha last year.
We are about to go live with 19.11 and I have a question about Tracking in-house use.
We would like use this to track usage of items (such as reference works or journals) that cannot be removed from our public Reading Room or archive rooms. I understand that tracking the use of items in the library without checking them out can be done in Koha one of two ways. The first is to create one or more Statistical Patrons<https://koha-community.org/manual/19.11/en/html/patrons.html#add-a-statistical-patron-label>. The other way to record local use of items is to set your RecordLocalUseOnReturn<https://koha-community.org/manual/19.11/en/html/systempreferences.html#recordlocaluseonreturn> preference to ‘Record.’ Then whenever you check an item in that is not checked out and not on hold a local use will be recorded.

Does anyone have experience of using this feature and if so which option did you choose from the 2 options available?
How has it worked? What are the pros and cons, what setup is needed etc.
Thanks very much in advance!
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