[Koha] [Koha-devel] On-site checkouts and circulation types proposal

Lari Taskula lari.taskula at hypernova.fi
Thu Apr 2 00:01:38 NZDT 2020

I have sent this to the general mailing list.

tldr for general list readers;

  * we need to be able to define separate circulation rules between
    normal and on-site checkouts.
  * my proposal in this mail is to add a new circulation rule scope
    "circulationtype". A rule scope in  Koha is currently a combination
    of a library, patron category and item type.
  * circulationtype would be either "All" (default), "Normal" or "On-site"

The case is explained by our client library here

> Which rules are suitable for such separation?

I think this would make sense to all circulation rules except
hold-related rules. It would allow very flexible parametrization between
normal and on-site checkouts.

In order to make adaptation straight-forward, this could be blocked by
Bug 15522 (the circulation rules user interface change). Once 15522 is
pushed and libraries update their Koha instances, they could find this
together with the new GUI. Also at this point it doesn't make much sense
to develop anything new on top of the old interface.

Lari Taskula
CEO, Hypernova Oy
Kauppakatu 25 C 409
80100 Joensuu, Finland

On 1.4.2020 10.46, Jonathan Druart wrote:
> Hi Lari,
> I think it would be interesting to get opinions from the general
> mailing list. What are the different use cases? Which rules are
> suitable for such separation?
> Theoretically, all. But in practice?
> Your idea is good I think, and certainly a great way to answer the need.
> Few things:
> You will not double the size of the table horizontally, but maybe
> vertically. Instead of 1 row you will end up with 2.
> To prevent it to be doubled, the "type" will need to be "normal",
> "onsite", or "both" if current maxissueqty == maxonsiteissueqty
> Keep in mind the syspref ConsiderOnSiteCheckoutsAsNormalCheckouts.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
> Le mer. 1 avr. 2020 à 08:24, Lari Taskula <lari.taskula at hypernova.fi> a écrit :
>> Hi fellow Koha devs,
>> I'm working on Bug 24101
>> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24101 in which
>> our client wants the ability to separately define circulation rules for
>> normal and on-site checkouts. They need the ability to renew on-site
>> checkouts, define due date calculation parameters and additionally
>> specify separate fine rules (not mentioned in bz ticket yet).
>> I wanted to ask for your thoughts on this.
>> Initially I was thinking of duplicating the rules of normal circulation
>> the way maxissueqty and maxonsiteissueqty is currently done, but in the
>> end this would lead to duplicating almost all of the circulation rules.
>> That would not be very convenient and it seems like a short-sighted way
>> of solving this problem because it leaves no room for possible new types
>> of checkouts in the future. Who wants to see the circulation rule table
>> doubling in width? Not me.
>> Another, more elegant approach would be to define a new circulation rule
>> scope "circulationtype" that defines whether a rule applies to normal or
>> on-site checkout (or any other type of checkout someone may come up with
>> in the future). Now that we are able to explicitly define a scope that a
>> specific circulation rule follows, this would make sense. No need for
>> ugly duplication and we can get rid of maxonsiteissueqty too.
>> Anyways, before I start implementing such a change I wanted to ask for
>> support from the community, or better yet even cooler ideas. Perhaps
>> there is something about Koha that I have missed that could already
>> solve their problem.
>> Thanks for your time.
>> --
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