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Ere Maijala ere.maijala at helsinki.fi
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Even if leadign article or other nonfiling characters can be handled
pretty well in modern search engines, it's worth noting that it's not so
straight-forward for sorting or any left-anchored searches. Like you
mentioned, we should always keep in mind that MARC records can be
exchanged between systems, and not all are created equal. In my
experience any deviation from standards comes back to bite you at the
latest when you switch systems.


Eric Phetteplace kirjoitti 18.9.2019 klo 19.55:
> Hi Giacomo,
> You're right that the second indicator, nonfiling characters, doesn't
> really seem to do anything. It's an archaic holdover and probably not
> needed with the complicated indexing mechanisms that are available to us
> now. It's pretty trivial for machines to skip leading stopwords like "the"
> etc. without instruction.
> The first indicator is still meaningful, I believe. Having a main entry
> under one of the 1XX fields and then a title added entry is enabled by this
> indicator. So following this example documentation
> <https://www.itsmarc.com/crs/mergedprojects/conser/conser/module_7_4__ccm.htm>
> I found:
> 111 2# $a Federal Management Improvement Conference.
> 245 10 $a Proceedings of the Federal Management Improvement Conference.
> The "title" of the serial is the name of the conference and the 245 is used
> as an added entry. I'm not a cataloger so the function of a title added
> entry isn't entirely clear to me but a lot  (about half) of our records
> have this indicator set to 1.
> So our records still use both indicators, however we mainly copy catalog.
> It makes sense to keep using the fields especially when it's free like
> this. Just because they don't have a lot of importance in Koha doesn't mean
> another system won't care about them and it makes the data more consistent
> with other MARC repositories.
> Best,
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> On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 12:07 AM Giacomo Visini <
> Giacomo.VISINI at divaantwerp.be> wrote:
>> Hi fellow Koha users,
>> Just a quick question. Can someone shed a light on the use of the
>> indicators in field 245? Since our conversion to Koha we stopped using
>> them, but data from previous systems has these indicators filled in. Upon
>> inspection, in most cases the given value is even wrong somehow (0's are
>> 1's etc.). But it doesn't seem to affect indexation.
>> So my question is, is there no need to fill in the indicators of field
>> 245? Do you guys use them? For what purpose?
>> For the sake of exhaustivity: we are currently using version
>> Thanks in advance for any replies.
>> Kind regards,
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